Directors and Officers

Mr Kinpo Yu

(Non-Executive Chair) – appointed 13 September 2016

Mr Yu has been the Chairman of Huahui Mining Group (Huahui), based in Hong Kong, for 16 years. In this role he has developed solid relationships with local governments in China and commercial and investment banks. Mr Yu has led several M&A transactions.
Over the last 16 years, Huahui acquired several gold, copper and iron ore projects in China, and based on further investments in these projects, Huahui converted some of the gold, copper and iron ore projects into production. Mr Yu has extensive experience in exploration, construction of processing plants and management of gold, copper and iron ore operations.
Mr Yu is a current and former Director of the following companies :

  • Genesis Resources Limited (Non-Executive Director resigned 26 November 2015).

Mr Liang Li


Mr Li’s background is in business management and geological exploration work. He also has experience in project management, project due diligence and M&A, equity and debt financing for listed companies, had an active role in financing, managing and developing exploration
opportunities for listed companies in a wide range of mining projects worldwide. Mr Li worked at Rio Tinto Group’s office in China as a Business Development Specialist, responsible for Rio Tinto Group’s business development in China. He has also been engaged as a consultant to provide services to Australian and Canadian mining companies in relation to exploration work and fund raising. Mr Li holds a bachelor’s degree in Geological Exploration and an MBA.

Mr Keng Poon


Mr Poon has worked in the investment, accounting and financial service industries for over 15 years, including 8 years of senior management experience in Hong Kong and Beijing. He is experienced in operational management in various industries and has extensive background in accounting and financial management. Mr. Poon holds the master’s degree of Accounting and Business Law from Monash University and he is a Certified Practicing Accountant in Australia.

Company Secretary

Mr Keng Poon

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